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Theatre Credits

Ned, Small Mouth Sounds, Wesleyan University, March 2024

John Wilkes Booth, Assassins, Wesleyan University, November 2022

Kevin, Heroes of the Fourth Turning, Wesleyan University, November 2021

John Tate, DNA, Oregon Children's Theatre, November 2019

Gibson/Mr. Burns, Mr. Burns, Southwest Stageworks, May 2019

Prince John, Robin Hood, Northwest Children's Theatre, May 2017

Michael Banks, Mary Poppins, Northwest Children's Theatre, December 2014, (Portland Area Musical Theatre Award for Outstanding Young Actor)

Film and TV credits

Kid who calls Hunter out of class, Metal Lords, Netflix, Feature film, April 2022

Order of Appearance 2, Thin Places, Independent, Short film, August 2021

Damon, Fairy Godmother's Apprentice, Independent, Pilot, December 2020

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